French/Pinch Pleated Headers French/Pinch Pleated Headers Pinch Pleat Headers 199151578 Interlined and lined Interlining is a fleece material similar to a wadding. It's available in different thickness. Its sewn between the main fabric and the lining. Excellent for opulent heavy curtains and offer fantastic thermal qualities. 199151579 Finished curtain 199151580 Fully lined French pleat curtains French pleat or Triple Pleated. 199151581 Finished curtain made by hand. 199151582 Fully Lined 199151583 Pinch Pleat headers Also known as Bi Pleat, Double Pleat and Duo Pleated Headers. 199151584 199151585 199151586 199151587 199151588 199151589 199151590 199151591